About UK Crime Statistics

UK Crime Statistics give you access to local crime and policing information in a way that is useful to you. This information could be used when considering new accommodation, a holiday in the UK, to raise an issue at your local beat meeting or help you to take an active role in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour in your local community.

UK Crime Statistics also gives you the functionality to compare Crime Statistics in any two UK Postcodes or Universities.

All crimes are displayed for a 1 mile radius of your search location. This means in some instances crimes stretching over Village, Town or County boundaries may be included in your results.

Working alongside individual police forces the Government provide the most accurate information possible.
Where inaccuracies occur they are quick to correct and update the Crime Statistics. Crime data is obtained from data.police.uk.

The privacy of individuals is protected and indirectly (through the Government Statistics) work closely with the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure that all necessary safeguards are in place.

  • Crimes are never shown at specific dwellings. Where possible we have included key locations, such as railway stations, to map incidents which have occurred on or around that location and we will continue to work with the public and police forces to develop this further

  • Streets with fewer than 8 postal addresses have been excluded.

  • Incidents are grouped into eleven separate categories to ensure that more sensitive crimes are not identifiable. If you have concerns about the impact of the data on your privacy, please get in touch via the contact page.

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