1820 crimes in September 2020

There were 1820 crimes reported surrounding Limehouse, London in September 2020. Most crimes occurred On or near Artichoke Hill.
Crime locations are within a 1 mile radius of E1 0NE. In some instances crime locations may stretch over a village, town or county boundary.

Top Crime Locations

  • 1 Artichoke Hill 27 Crimes
  • 2 Supermarket 18 Crimes
  • 3 Ernest Street 18 Crimes
  • 4 Maples Place 18 Crimes
  • 5 Dongola Road 17 Crimes

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Number of Crimes by Category

Limehouse, London E1 0NE | September 2020

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Number of Crimes By Category and Location

Limehouse, London E1 0NE | September 2020