1657 Crimes reported in April 2021

There were 1657 crimes reported surrounding Greater London (Islington), England in April 2021. Most crimes occurred Kings Cross St Pancras (lu Station).
Crime locations are within a 1 mile radius of EC1R 0HT. In some instances crime locations may stretch over a village, town or county boundary.

Top Crime Locations

  • 1 Kings Cross St Pancras (lu Station) 20 Crimes
  • 2 Supermarket 18 Crimes
  • 3 Wild Street 16 Crimes
  • 4 Grant Street 16 Crimes
  • 5 Kings Cross (station) 16 Crimes

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Number of Crimes by Category

Greater London (Islington), England EC1R 0HT | April 2021

A UK Crime Statistics visualisation showing Crime(s) in Greater London (Islington), England by Category.

Number of Crimes By Category and Location

Greater London (Islington), England EC1R 0HT | April 2021