2026 Crimes reported in April 2024

Recent data for Greater London (Southwark), England reveals an active crime rate. In total, there were 2026 incidents reported in April 2024. A significant portion of these incidents took place on On or near Shopping Area. It's crucial to note that these reports are within a 1-mile radius of SE1 2AE. On occasion, these crime locations might extend beyond village, town, or county lines.

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Top Crime Locations

Below are the top 10 locations with the highest reported crimes in London for April 2024.

  • 1 Shopping Area 60 Reported Crimes
  • 2 London Bridge (station) 37 Reported Crimes
  • 3 London Bridge (lu Station) 35 Reported Crimes
  • 4 Hospital 31 Reported Crimes
  • 5 Supermarket 30 Reported Crimes
  • 6 Eastcheap 28 Reported Crimes
  • 7 Borough High Street 25 Reported Crimes
  • 8 Supermarket 21 Reported Crimes
  • 9 Supermarket 21 Reported Crimes
  • 10 Corbet Court 21 Reported Crimes

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Number of Crimes by Category

Greater London (Southwark), England SE1 2AE | April 2024

A UK Crime Statistics visualisation showing Crime(s) in Greater London (Southwark), England by Category.

Number of Crimes By Category and Location

Greater London (Southwark), England SE1 2AE | April 2024